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    Shantou stationery association establishes
    类别:News Online    时间:2006/9/28    点击:12303
    In 2006 on April 6, the a stationery association establishes the conference to produce the 汕 a tide south District of the one of the bases the solemn and impressive convoking in the Chinese stationery, the meeting election produced the first batch council, tree German has the general manager’s wood the 汉 Mr. hero( association sponsor) wins an election for association the vice chairman.The meeting still passed the association stand rule, combining to hold the solemn and impressive 揭 card rites.Association the first member contain 59 business enterprises, won’t break later on the absorption a region business enterprise become member.That association establishes, scribing the 汕 a region stationery business enterprise to constitute formally the mighty brand form alliance, for further promote the region influence but created to set up a powerful terrace. 。
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