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    Popular trend in stationery in 2006
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    In 2006 what color, the pencil of the pattern the most popular?From now on perhaps you still consider at the time of choosing the stationery it whether to be placed in vogue front or not along.Paper world China stationery and office equipment exposition first times held in Shanghai released in the domestic in last November the Asia stationery spread the trend exhibition set, and announced the 2006 Asia stationery for the very first time popular color trend report. The external appearance of the ivory, go together with with the silvery frame, like this of a document clip whether clear quick, Chien's 洁 ?In popular trend in stationery announcing public lecturer, Japanese color in agency in meeting in type in stub design graduate school item The Manager a power the son means, nature, sweep, leisurely and carefree, the need topic that health should be not a few stationeries user, they pursue with the environment, person, bodily diapason, soft color a design for such as rice Huang, softly white, pink etc. will is a big and popular trend of the 2006, such color suiting simplely, in brief, can alleviate the narrow and small space brings depressive to feel. Besides pursuing the nature outside, return to original nature with keep in mind another three big and popular trends that old felling will constitute the stationery of the next year.Blue color, dark and green, gray, yellow etc. will be their representative's color.The 堀 a power 津 son thinks, the color of the traditional a colors pencil gives the person a category in the old felling in bosom of blue cloth jeans, should be popular afresh in 2006.
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