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      ◎雅鹏的环保理念:“ 环保及自然资源与我们的生存息息相关 ”


      ◎Mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, cooperate sincerely

      Yapeng people believe that enterprise development is important for the social demand. In fact we always aim at mutual harmony with the Environment. We believe that we must develop the enterprise by ourselves to promote and increase economic advance. It combines with the philosophy and management rationale to advance ourselves and satisfy with the social demand.

      ◎Yapeng Environment Protection: "It is closely line with environment protection and our life ."

         Now a day, we are facing with the awful ecological environment . It is closely line with environment protection and our life .It is important to protect environment and save resource .Resource saving is the the attentive subject which r educe waste and recycle the energy sources . We will do it by myself to create the environment office and enjoy the natural space.
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